RFID tags: How someone from Hessen is helping the Americans do their washing.

RFID tags – we are in the FAZ. Thank you to Falk Heunemann for the good interview and the great article!

Excerpt from the FAZ from 12.08.22:
The small Frankfurt-based start-up Otto ID has been commissioned to digitalise and optimise processes in industrial laundries for the Nasdaq corporation Cintas. For founder Karsten Otto, what might seem an unusual collaboration is in fact an obvious one.

Soon, Americans will also be able to thank a Frankfurt-based start-up when security guards, operating theatre nurses, parcel deliverers and cooks are able to put on clean working clothes. Otto ID Solutions, founded in 2018, is now helping the American Nasdaq corporation Cintas to digitalise and optimise dozens of industrial laundries using RFID tags.

But Otto ID founder Karsten Otto does not find it surprising that a company from Cincinnati, Ohio, with 41,000 employees and annual sales of almost eight billion dollars, has asked the Frankfurt start-up and its seven employees for advice. After all, “We know how laundries work.”

Having said that, Otto actually designed the RFID technology that it is now using at Cintas for a totally different purpose: four years ago, the former paramedic from Hanau was looking for a way to speed up tiresome and time-consuming inventory checks in ambulances. Having to check manually how many gauze bandages have been used, how many hollow needles are left as well as the shelf life of medicines took anywhere between one and two hours each time, he explains.

You can read the article in full (in German) here: https://www.faz.net/aktuell/rhein-main/wirtschaft/rfid-funkchips-ein-hesse-hilft-amerikanern-beim-waesche-waschen-18238158.html?GEPC=s5


Photo: Falk Heunemann