Digitalisation for Fire and Rescue Services and Police

Equipment control, documentation & asset tracking - in future automatically under control with RFID. Perfect.

Status quo.

As a member of the Fire Brigade, Police or Emergency Service, you are under enormous time pressure. When it comes to saving or protecting lives, it is conceivable that hardly anyone thinks about legal documentation requirements.

Something may break during a rescue or be forgotten in the hectic rush to the scene. Unfortunately, theft is not uncommon either. And often “after the Call-Out is before the Call-Out” and there is no time to properly procure replacements – or more precisely: in case of emergency, you quickly “borrow” what you need from another emergency vehicle.

The teammate responsible for the equipment is then faced with a huge mess the next morning. This has huge cost implications and, in case of doubt, valuable time, and thereby quite accidentally, you also transgress in terms of the legal documentation requirements.

Our solution.

Rescue, Fire Brigade or Police cars equipped with RFID tags.

Before and after each shift change, and even before and after each deployment, the entire vehicle inventory can be counted and recorded in a matter of seconds. Any replacement of equipment is therefore immediately recorded and documented. Equipment management interfaces automatically send this data to the respective platforms. This saves time, is very precise and fulfils the minimum requirements of the legal documentation required. In addition, missing equipment is automatically detected. In this way, you can directly check whether you have stowed everything, and, above all, the correct equipment is on board after a Call-Out.

A misplaced warning triangle sounds melodramatic at first, but e. g. chain saws or door opening tools are popular and expensive “take-away items”. Or, during a rescue operation, your own perfusers are confused with hospital material – then the materials management is not correct, be it mobile nor stationary.

With our RFID solution, you save time-consuming searches for equipment, unnecessary replacements and valuable fortitude that can be better utilized during your Call-Outs.

Equipment control, documentation & asset tracking will be easier, faster and more accurate than ever.