Infinate. The fully automated RFID-cabinet.

Digitised materials management in the healthcare and in companies. Now implemented efficiently, safely and user-friendly with RFID.

Status quo.

Whether hospital, logistics, other branches of industry … – a functioning materials management system is part of daily business. But in some cases, this becomes a real challenge.

Take hospitals, for example: medicines, bandages, hygiene products, instruments and other items must always be available quickly and safely. Access needs to be controlled and expiry dates on products need to be monitored. Getting everything under one roof with manual check lists, different keys or access cards, different batches, etc. means a lot of administrative work. This process is expensive and also impedes where it should actually be about providing the best possible care for patients.

Our solution.

Digitised materials management with the Infinate RFID Cabinet.

Open the door, close the door and all your products are safely and completely under control – live, no manual check lists, no counting of material. This not only means significantly lower administrative costs, but also a considerably more efficient and stronger continuity of supply.

And this is how digitised materials management works with the Infinate RFID Cabinet: It digitally counts the entire cabinet and identifies current stock levels. At just the push of a button, you not only have a live overview of your material, but also of batch numbers, expiry dates and other information suited to your requirements. On the basis of stored Inventory lists, the Infinate System also recognises which materials have been drawn from Stock, expired or need to be re-stocked. If required a subsequent order can automatically be issued.

Behind all these Benefits is state-of-the-art RFID technology, which we developed and refined implementing our extensive experience in emergency services. Now the Infinate RFID Cabinet is open to all companies thanks to its flexible configurations.

Open the door, close the door and all your products are safely and completely under control with the Infinate. In the healthcare sector, in industry, in logistics etc.