Giving ideas to the digital future. With RFID.

When it comes to process optimization, digital transformation, Industry 5.0 and RFID, we are full of ideas. And they come directly from practice, because we are experienced experts in the areas of digitalization, process optimization and RFID.

We have seen many challenges and problems – but very rarely any good solutions. This is exactly where we come in as process-oriented and creative solution developers: With unique combinations of state-of-the-art RFID technology and innovative software solutions.

With our past innovations, we began in a market segment where people, maximum safety and the smallest details really matter: In the health and rescue service sector. With our many years of experience in active rescue services, that was the logical first step.

Whoever can do A, can certainly do B too. That’s why today we create and develop across all market segments. With a outstanding team of people with different backgrounds, culturally as well as professionally. This allows us to stay in tune with the ever-changing spectrum of requirements from the marketplace.

We want to set digital milestones. And above all, implement them – for more efficiency and sustainability, lower costs and a happier workforce.