Wash digitally. With the smart washing machine.

Intelligent laundry in the industry - automatically washing 100% correct and efficient with RFID.

Status quo.

A great deal of washing to be done in your business? Then you know the biggest challenge: selecting the right wash program.

Which detergent, what temperature … – everything must be considered, possibly even the colors. Luck is not the answer, you need more time or too many employees. In addition, resources are often utilized incorrectly. And in the end, another load of washing has been turned to waste. In this situation we do not need to discuss the increasing high cost of production.

Our solution.

The new Smart Drum RFID System and an industrial washing machine that understands RFID.

We developed this together with Krebe Tippo, the Slovenian specialist for industrial Laundry equipment.

And this is how it works: via the new Smart Drum RFID System, the machine recognizes the content in the drum. And that’s how it knows what program is suitable for the textiles and can then decide on the correct washing cycle. All information can be found on the RFID tag that is attached to each item of laundry. The IDs trigger the required program details from the database, ensuring safe and efficient processing. That means: no more manual cycle selectionno ruined clothing and no wasted chemicals, water or energy due to re-running the cycle.

With the new Smart Drum RFID System, your industrial laundry is washed 100% correctly, sustainably, efficiently and therefore waste significantly less time.