The washing machine with RFID. Developed by Krebe Tippo and Otto ID.

You’ll never choose the wrong washing cycle again – thanks to the new washing machine with an RFID system.

As the development partner of Krebe Tippo, we are proud to introduce this ground-breaking washing machine with the new Smart Drum RFID System.

And this is how it works: thanks to the new Smart Drum RFID System, the machine recognises what is in the drum. And that’s how it knows what is suitable for the textiles and can then find the right washing cycle. That means: no more entering the cycle manuallyno ruined clothes and no wasted chemicals, water and energy because of having to redo the wash. The washing machine with RFID was first launched in October at the Expo Detergo in Milan, Italy.

Krebe Tippo is a Slovenian company with a history of more than sixty years and considerable experience in producing industrial washing and processing equipment.

You can find out more from us or of course access the company’s own website