Automatic better planning of workwear.

Faster. More precise. More hygienic. And also even mobile. This is what the future looks like in the world of workwear. Because with WE-WEAR, your measuring and planning processes are considerably simplified and much more exact. With around 30 users an hour, 3 million body measurement points and 100% hygiene guarantee – both stationary and mobile. WE-WEAR ensures that you save time in the planning of your workwear, reduce the number of errors, and even act more sustainably. In brief: you simply plan workwear even better – automatically. 


Scanning the body more precisely in record time. Both stationary and mobile.


Scanning the body more precisely in record time. Both stationary and mobile.

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    This is how to plan your workwear better automatically – with the
    WE-WEAR 3D Body Scanner:

    100% safe.

    The scan booth has been tested in compliance with European safety standards and is absolutely safe for people.


    Better than any bespoke tailoring. Because the scanner reads and logs three million body measurement points in just a few seconds and is precise to +/- 5 mm.


    Come in, a short wait, finished. That makes the scan very simple and
    100% hygienic.


    Does it need taking out a little or shortening slightly? The wearers’ preferred fits are automatically recorded and taken into consideration in planning.

    SUITE PPM – the program for perfect clothing sizes.
    Trying on without trying out.

    Automatically defines the perfect size for your workwear without long planning and trying out. Whether for producing workwear, trade and sales or for textile services … – the WE-WEAR PPM program automatically logs, processes and analyses all data from the WE-WEAR body scan and existing product specifications. Size requirements are naturally taken into consideration and occupational safety standards respected in the process.

    WE-WEAR SUITE PPM detects and monitors deviations from standard sizes in real time and creates specifications for adaptation. This means that when planning sizes, you always have a precise overview of necessary adjustments.

    SUITE PPM is simple to integrate into your supply, distribution and manufacturing processes and is RFID ready – in other words, it is also easy to combine with existing product tracking solutions.

    To the point:
    + You save time and expenses in the size planning process.
    + Your reactions to specific requirements are faster and better.
    + Your service quality improves.
    + You can simply integrate SUITE PPM in your process management software.
    + You gain access via web and according to your position.

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      SUITE 3DBS – the innovative 3D body scan booth.
      As fast as a conveyor belt in high-end quality.

      Finds the ideal size of all clothing variants in just seconds. Whether you are planning a new line or are wanting to extend the current one with extra sizes … – the WE-WEAR scanner will log the body measurements of your employees quickly, precisely and absolutely hygienically in 3D.

      At around 30 users per hour, even in record time. Any necessary changes to sizes are determined and documented in the process. That ensures far fewer errors in the planning and/or purchasing of your workwear in the further processing of the measurement data with SUITE PPM.

      The scan takes place with an avatar without a visual representation of the person concerned and is of course GDPR-compliant and with full identity protection.

      The WE-WEAR scanner is wherever you need it. On the one hand, it can be set up permanently as a body scanning booth. On the other, it can also be used on the road or in a special vehicle. With a maximum setup time of just 30 minutes, the mobile version is as flexible as an app, but as fast and precise as the permanent WE-WEAR scanning booth.

      To the point:
      Taking measurements has never been so fast, simple and flexible.

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