“Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

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A quote I came across today and I am not really sure who it is from. However I cannot think of a better statement to explain our situation!

Since Otto ID Solutions started in 2018 there had been only one direction. – Full steam ahead. Every penny earned went right back into the business. Our creative process solutions were met with immediate positive response, wherever and whenever we had the chance to show what is possible today.

Then the Covid-19 crisis hit us with full impact, mid of march this year. Within 2 weeks we went from 100% to 0! Forcing us to cancel all plans to invest and expand. Forcing us to terminate all non-urgent contracts. Forcing me to cut hours on almost all my team. But what am I saying? You all know the story.

It took about four weeks of managing the crisis before we all came together as a team again and it didn’t take long before we started talking about the future of the company. Where are we? Where is everyone else? Is there still a market for our ideas? Will people and companies continue to believe in our vision? Do we believe in our vision? All those question were in the air. The answers were: We are right here. And so is everyone else. And yes we have many great markets for our ideas. All our customers and partners ensured they will continue business and we even had new requests. So we quickly realized that no one had actually cancelled… Everything was just postponed!

And it makes sense:

  • Digitalization of processes
  • Remote and contactless inventory management
  • Full process transparency
  • Automated process documentation

All this is needed now more than ever.

On this day we decided to loosen the hand break and move forward again. There is always a chance in every crisis and we want to use it!

Today I am delighted to announce that we are currently moving into our new headquarters in Frankfurt. We have found a lovely workspace that will hold our offices, show room, innovation lab and production. And it has the potential to grow with us for many years to come.

We are committed to the City of Frankfurt for many reasons.

It is international as are we. It is easy to travel anywhere in the world. So we are always close to our customers. There are many superb schools and universities in and around Frankfurt and Rhein-Main, so we have all the knowledge base close by that we need to grow our business. We have good friends and support in the Frankfurt business network and last but not least: It is home!

With this post I want to say a huge thank you to our customers for standing by us so strong. Thank you to the new customers for believing in our vision and joining us during a crisis. Thank you to our business network for supporting us as much as you could to get us through these difficult weeks. Thanks to the whole team of Otto ID Solutions for never giving up and always giving 100% and more!

We are executing our vision! No hallucination.

Our journey has only just begun!

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