Tobias Lake

Head of International Operations

Tobias is the conductor of our projects. He has not only mastered the entire repertoire of project management, but has also been known to sing and dance in the car himself.

Before he landed on our stage, Tobias had already had practical intermezzi as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, a skilled worker in mechanical engineering and as a state-certified electrical engineer. Not surprising, really, that he hits all the right notes. There are no fisherman’s stories from Tobias, although he wouldn’t turn a good fish down. A fresh one of course, because whenever possible, he moves his workplace down to the lake. He loves the opportunity of being able to combine his job and his hobby in one place. And that is all the better for us because, thanks to his calm aura, it’s not only aquatic animals that he manages to net, but also innovative ideas and solutions. All with Saint Peter’s help!