Materials management

Digitised materials management.

In materials management, the precise processing of stock, demand, orders and deliveries plays a part in deciding whether a company is a success or not. This is why systems have been developed and processes changed over the course of a number of years to avoid errors and unnecessary working steps.

However, with Industry 4.0, the requirements are achieving a momentum that pushes even these sophisticated tools and process planning methods to their limits. To be able to implement orders in the way Amazon does, for example, within just a few hours, you not only have to know the exact location of your stock at all times but also be able to predict future demand.

A good example of efficient materials management is the combination of a tried and tested kanban system with RFID-controlled processes: the innovative system immediately detects when stocks go below a specified minimum level. Repeat orders are then initiated fully automatically and either approved in a workflow or immediately forwarded to the supplier.

But this is just one of many examples. The whole process can be professionalised to the extent that no manual input is required any more. What is where, when and why? It is all visible fully automatically and errors are avoided effectively. An article that is in the wrong place is detected immediately. An article that has gone missing is easy to find again with a mobile application. A notification is issued if an article is missing from a client’s package, etc.

The benefits of process digitalisation in materials management are extremely diverse and can be adapted and implemented individually to suit the specific requirements of your company.

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