Digitising the laundry with RFID.

How a digitised laundry can ensure clean inventory management

Non-digitised laundries often have the following problem: their products have to get to the customer reliably – but no one can guarantee that everything will be returned in full and on time. To continue to supply customers as planned, stocks are constantly having to be increased or products are having to be replaced earlier than necessary. The consequences are rising costs for both the laundry and the customer as well as a great deal of time spent in closing the logistic gaps and satisfying the product receiver.

With the help of innovative RFID technology, we can break this cycle and make sure that the products don’t get lost in the first place. The movement of all goods can be tracked precisely at all times because they are tagged and read continuously. This means you find out in real time at what point in a product cycle a loss is taking place and you can then adjust the process accordingly.

However, when developing possible approaches it is important to take the entire value-added chain of the particular industry into account. It has to be said that there are several established providers of RFID technology on the market, but hardly any of them know the processes in laundries, depots and on the customer side as well as we do. This means that one particular detail might be resolved, but that complications can occur at another point in the process chain because of that.

So rely on our extensive experience in the textile industry and our large network of reliable partners. With our cost-efficient, customised solutions, we reduce product loss by 70% or more.

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