Digitalisation for hospitals, clinics, medical practices.

The anatomy of a perfect organisation

Hospitals should be able to concentrate on doing what society asks of them: namely giving patients the best possible care. But some factors make this task immensely difficult. Technical devices disappear or are casually left somewhere. Building up a safety stock required as a result eats up funds that are then lacking elsewhere. And what’s more, administration and the legally prescribed documentation of devices cost an unreasonable amount of time and personnel.

A device park monitored by RFID will optimise your hospital operation. The capital tie-up remains lean because you no longer need an equipment store. Instead, the entire building works like a kind of flexible store. Devices not used can be redeployed and safety stock lowered. You get detailed movement profiles of all components. The entry and exit of devices are logged at critical points so you always know where they were last located. Any weaknesses in your process cycle are quickly identified giving you the possibility to react to them. Even the assignment of individual devices to patients is fast and simple. And the documentation required by the Medical Devices Act? That’s taken care of automatically and in real time.


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