Introducing our New Garment Stockroom Solution

Is managing your PPE stockroom becoming a nightmare?  

We are thrilled to introduce our new RFID solutions, designed specifically to tackle the everyday challenges of PPE garment management. At OTTO ID Solutions, we understand the headaches industries face with frocks, smocks, lab coats, and gowns. Our advanced RFID technology is here to simplify your life, boost accuracy, and enhance efficiency.  

Key Benefits of Our RFID Solutions  

  1. Automated Inventory Accuracy 

No more manual counts and human error. Our RFID solutions provide real-time updates, ensuring precise tracking throughout each garment’s lifecycle.  

  1. Enhanced Labor Efficiency 

Free up your staff to focus on critical tasks. Automating inventory counts and data entry boosts productivity and mitigates labor shortages.  

  1. Secure Asset Management 

Never lose track of a PPE item again. Our RFID tags enable accurate tracking, reducing the risk of loss or theft.  

  1. Optimized Space Utilization 

Make the most of your stockroom space. Our data-driven approach helps optimize item placement, reducing clutter and improving accessibility.  

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions 

Invest once, save continuously. Expect significant long-term savings by reducing labor costs and minimizing misplaced items. ROI within two years.  

  1. Real-Time Data Access 

Make informed decisions with real-time data on stock levels, item movements, and alerts. Our insights help optimize operations and resource allocation.  

Our RFID Innovations  

INFINATE WEAR: Employee Self-Service Solution  

Ideal for self-service environments, this solution eliminates the need for dedicated stockroom personnel, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  

SILL DEVICE: Staff-Assisted Garment Distribution  

Perfect for staff-managed PPE distribution, ensuring precise tracking and accountability.  

INFINATE RETURN: Effortless Collection of Dirty PPE Garments  

Streamline the collection process with a dedicated return point, preventing cross-contamination.  

EFFICIENATE DATA: Real-Time Insights and Reporting  

Gain actionable insights with real-time KPIs and customizable reports, helping you continuously improve operations.  

Why Choose OTTO ID Solutions?  

Our goal is to simplify PPE garment management and help businesses operate more smoothly and efficiently. We’re excited to see the positive impact our RFID solutions will have on our clients. – Karsten Otto, CEO, OTTO ID Solutions  

Efficient PPE garment management is crucial for a clean and safe work environment. Our advanced RFID technology addresses these challenges head-on. By adopting our solutions—INFINATE WEAR, SILL DEVICE, INFINATE RETURN, and EFFICIENATE DATA—you’ll achieve significant cost savings and improve overall efficiency.  

Ready to transform your PPE stockroom management? Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a demo.  

Karsten Otto  

CEO, OTTO ID Solutions  

For a detailed overview of our solutions, download the whitepaper here : https://otto-id.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/ENG-PPE-STOCKROOM-MANAGEMENT.pdf

For more information, visit our website www.otto-id.com 

Join the future of PPE management with OTTO ID Solutions. Streamline your stockroom, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency with our advanced RFID solutions.