How laundries can achieve clean product management

The following problem will be familiar to laundries: Their products have to reach the customer on time and as agreed – but nobody can guarantee them punctual and complete returns from their customers. Being able to supply customers as planned in spite of this necessitates continual enlargement of stocks or replacement of products earlier than necessary. The consequences are rising costs for laundries and customers, as well as large amounts of time spent closing up logistical gaps and satisfying product recipients.

With the help of innovative RFID technology, we can break this cycle and ensure that products don’t go missing in the first place. Continually reading tagged products means that the history of their movements can be accurately traced. You find out in real time at which point in the product cycle the loss actually takes place, so you can adapt the process.

However, it is important that any solutions developed take into account the entire value chain of the industry in question. There are several established providers of RFID technology on the market, but few know the processes in laundries, depots and on the customer side as well as we do. It is often the case that a specific problem is solved, only for complication to arise elsewhere in the process chain.

So, put your trust in our many years of experience in the textiles industry and our extensive network of reliable partners. Our cost-efficient, tailored solutions reduce product losses by 70% or more.