RFID cabinet
Digitised materials management
for medical products

Open the door, close the door, and all your materials are already completely under control. Digitised materials management with the bluesafe RFID cabinet means: no manual check lists, no counting of material, no placing of orders. That not only means perceptibly lower administrative expenses, but also a considerably higher security of supply.

And this is how digitised materials management works with the bluesafe RFID cabinet: it digitally scans the entire cabinet and identifies current stock. Practically at the push of a button, you have not only an overview of your material live, but also of batches and expiry dates. On the basis of stored target lists, the system also recognises which materials are missing and automatically issues a subsequent order.

Behind all this is state-of-the-art RFID technology which we developed with our extensive experience in emergency services.


Figure shows special equipment

Saves time and money.

The technology of tomorrow for the knowledge of today. Digitised materials management with state-of-the-art RFID technology shows stock levels live, delivers real-time documentation and triggers subsequent orders automatically just in time. This ensures perceptible relief for the employees who can then once again devote their full concentration to their core tasks.

Considerably higher security of supply.

You’ll never have to go through an acute shortage of material again. An alarm is triggered automatically as soon as supplies fall below the critical quantity. What’s more, problems with expired products are a thing of the past because the live stock display provides a current overview of expiry dates and batches.

100% safe and user-friendly.

For all, not for everyone. The bluesafe system is very easy to operate, but, if so desired, not for everyone. Because thanks to efficient access limitation with a simple PIN or RFID lock, you can ensure that only authorised persons have access. The User Management option also makes it possible to determine who took what and when.

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