Healthcare Sales-Specialist Torsten Schäfer takes off with Otto ID Solutions.

As of November, the former CEO of market leader Scan Modul Orgasystem GmbH is responsible for sales at Otto ID Solutions.

When someone leaves his CEO position after more than 10 years, founds his own consulting company and immediately takes over responsibility for our sales department, then we can say: We are very! 😊

And indeed, we are, because Torsten has the trust of the industry and we have also been working together for many years. What we appreciate about Torsten is his extraordinary expertise and hands-on mentality.
For around 10 years he managed Scan Modul Orgasystem GmbH in Germany and Switzerland. Moreover, Torsten was responsible for the global business development of the inventor of healthcare module systems for the last 2 ½ years. As a lecturer at the University of Reutlingen, he has also been teaching his students all about “Optimising Logistics Processes in Healthcare” since May 2013.
With his own start-up “Medisales.Pro”, he uses his talent and experience to advise and develop medium enterprises.

Behind all this is Torsten’s great skill to develop and successfully implement complex sales strategies. It’s great that he is now using this ability at Otto ID Solutions. Of course, Torsten knows about our great potential as real RFID specialists who can not only develop innovations but also implement them (internationally) in line with the market. He can be happy about that, too.

That’s just by the way: Torsten also fits perfectly into our team personally. We are very happy! Did we mention that already? 😊