We are
Otto ID Solutions.

At OTTO ID Solutions, we are your trusted specialists in business automation primarily utilizing RFID technology. Our expertise lies in providing customizable, advanced RFID technologies to a diverse range of industries, including laundry services, hotels, rescue operations, and healthcare sectors. Founded in 2018 and registered in both Germany and the USA.

Since then, the team has grown to over 15 members and the product range and the industries supplied have been significantly expanded. RFID-supported material cabinets, portals, software and other solutions for the rescue and healthcare sector, the textile industry, the hospitality industry, the manufacturing industry and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify, secure, and scale your business operations for future challenges. We aim to eliminate manual operations and human errors, leading to increased productivity, cost savings, and peace of mind among employees, ultimately achieving customer satisfaction. Our vision is to be the go-to partner for businesses seeking to automate and innovate, primarily through RFID solutions.

Our Commitment

OTTO ID Solutions’ commitment to RFID solutions is driven by our passion for innovation, dedication to customer satisfaction, and a belief in the transformative power of RFID technology. We are here to empower your business, streamline your operations, and help you thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic landscape. Your success is our mission, and we are committed to achieving it together.

Our Team

At OTTO ID Solutions, we are one team with a shared goal. Through open communication and mutual respect, we believe in the strength of varied perspectives. Every individual, regardless of background, brings a unique value to our team.

Can the team help you?

Karsten Otto

Chief Executive Officer​.
A Business Engineer: an Industrial Engineer and RFID specialist, skilled in modern process management, with expertise in medicine and technology, and a former paramedic in active rescue service.​​

Torsten Schäfer

Business Development.
30 years of experience in field sales, and consulting-intensive capital goods.​


Fabian Lippke

Head of Project Management.
Project management expert with 10 years of experience in the automotive, military, and hospital sectors.​

Tobias Lake

Head of Operations.
8+ years RFID specialist and project manager, along with a background in electrical engineering studies.​

Ariel Halilaj

Software Manager.
IT expert with 10 years of experience and a robust engineering background. Enjoys dismantling things to understand their workings. ​

What does that mean?


We wholeheartedly embrace the automation of operational workflows, primarily through RFID technology. This not only reduces costs but also saves valuable time and resources. Our commitment lies in streamlining and optimizing processes, leveraging technology and efficient systems to eliminate manual tasks, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency. Our aim is to make processes smoother, faster, and more dependable.


Our mission is to pioneer innovative products, particularly within healthcare and emergency services, where innovation can genuinely save lives. We are devoted to effecting meaningful change through groundbreaking solutions. Innovation is the driving force of progress, and we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. This involves developing and implementing new technologies, processes, or approaches to continually enhance the quality and effectiveness of our services.


Above all else, our unwavering commitment is to the preservation of lives. This represents the ultimate goal and the guiding principle behind all our endeavors. At its core, healthcare revolves around the well-being of individuals, and we emphasize our dedication to those we serve. Our focus is on providing compassionate, patient-centered care, prioritizing both the physical and emotional well-being of our clients or patients. This element underscores the profoundly human aspect of our organization, reminding all involved that our ultimate aim is to enhance lives and ensure the best possible outcomes for individuals.